After 3 years of touring, performing, and sharing stages with the likes of Kirk Franklin, The Afters, Group 1 Crew, Da’ T.R.U.T.H., Lecrae, KJ-52, DecembeRadio, Crossmovement, Paul Wright, and more, vocal talent Ryan Horton is preparing to drop his first full-length solo album, Blurred, on Aug. 18, 2009 under indie label La Familia Muzik.  Slated to be the most dynamic album released under the label to date, Blurred will cover the gambit of urban contemporary music, praise and worship, hip-hop, pop, R&P, and more.

“Ryan’s waited a long time for this.  Now he has the platform he’s been patiently waiting for to pour out his heart to people,” states Foolish, co-owner of La Familia Muzik.

It is a blatant contradiction.  A music artist on center stage in front of an audience passionately delivering a message of selflessness and humility.  With all eyes on him and all ears attuned to his voice, he sings words that cry out for much more than another concert experience, another entertaining moment.  His hope: that people would see beyond his talents and gifts, would hear more than the melodies and vocal skills, that he would intentionally be blurred from the picture and that people and would instead connect their hearts to the Creator of the World and focus their attention on Him.

 "I want people to see more of God and less of me.”  This is the heart and core of Ryan Horton and the driving force behind his approach to music and ministry.  In turn, it is the very root of the Blurred message and the very challenge Ryan makes to each and every listener.  To live a life for God apart from the stage and lights.  To be the Church, not a building for holding events and services, but rather a living, breathing organism that lives out love and lives it out loud.

From his experiences over the past 3 years, he has learned and experienced different approaches and methods to reaching out to people through music.  He currently serves on staff with Master’s Commission of Lakeland, FL at Victory Church where he not only continues to grow and learn but at the same time trains others about living a lifestyle of worship.