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Your new album "Reiterate" is out, what makes it different from your previous releases? 
There's definitely been growth in the song writing as far as appeal but it also was done purposely as one of the goals we wanted to achieve.

Why the title "Reiterate"?
We keep a somewhat steady flow of show dates and started noticing an obvious number of peoples first time hearing or seeing us before and we had to be able to be consistent for the fam and keep it fresh for new ones, so we adopted the same mind for the album title and direction. 

How long did you work on this album? Was it a smooth process?
We worked on the album over the past year or so really took our time to build it. As far as the process it could always be better to perfectionist personalities such as ourselves, but it was the smoothest we've had, organic. 

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What's your favorite track? And why?
Their all my babies, but I'm vibing off "Fly Away" and "Say Goodbye" for now, "Walkin my Way" is up there too. They all serve their own purpose which keeps them an individually important part of the body. 

What do you want to accomplish with "Reiterate"? Besides selling a lot of records. 
A new standard in music, if we hold ourselves to confinement, we exclude ourselves from other opportunities that may be a resource for the greater benefit or goal. We want our music to effect everyone in the since that they can walk away with something no matter who you are. Why not make history that is timeless? Especially with music. 

Grits Reiterate CD CoverHow and why did you decide to start your own label (Revolution Art)?  Why the name "Revolution Art"? How did you come up with it? 
The industry is like growing up, at some point you learn or should learn how to stand on your own two feet. So Revolution Art is a symbol of our growth and commitment. That's why we named the label that, we want to redefine culture through music. A movement of change for better, better music, better families, communities, and Life. If that's the response we continue to get then we in for a long ride its just been the first ten years. That's why we chose/choose our roster as if we were/are signing our last. Building career artist is not popular as it used to be but for us we don't mind the challenge look where its gotten us for a decade and people reading this like who are these dudes? Lol… Besides we want our artist to want to aspire to one day be CEOs of there own.  

 What can we expect from Revolution Art? (projects) Any plans to do solo albums? 
JADE HARRELL is our first artist due for Spring release she has a single called "Broken" on itunes right now. She has a young Pop/Soulful/Dance sound but very mature lyrically, appealing to other young ladies and women in general. Beautiful voice and the self written songs to go with it at 19. Stefan the SCIENTIST is what we want to shake it up with towards the Fall of 09, he was exactly what we wanted to branch out to a worldwide format especially being from the Bahamas and having as much diversity as he does beyond reggae. And we also felt it was important to release COFFEE and BONAFIDE solo albums, give people a chance to hear the recipe for GRITS, so in maybe Summer or so. 

We know you started out as Dancers for DC Talk, which was how you met Toby and got signed to his label (Gotee Records) later on. But what we would like to know is do you still dance? And was your main focus at the time, dance or music?
Our focus has always been primarily music, and of course with that comes the business and you find out if its either for you or not no matter how you come in and GOD makes a way for you, that's just our personal exprience so dancing was like going to college for us, now we graduated finished our masters did residential going into private practice. 

Any last words? Shout outs?
The grass isn't greener on the otherside, you just gotta do what you spose to do for yours to be greener… Aka "uNcLe RoN"


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