Canon told Rapzilla at SXSW 2016 that he plans to release his next project in the same month that he released his last project, and the previous project, and the previous project.

The Reflection Music Group artist dropped Loose Canon, Vol. 1 (2012), Mad Haven (2013) and Loose Canon, Vol. 2 (2014) each in October, and he plans to continue to release new music in that particular month.

“If I’m going to be a loose cannon in every other area, where [fans] can’t expect certain things, or they don’t know what to expect,” Canon said, “then I feel like I can at least owe them some kind of expectancy, or some kind of consistency.”

Canon’s 2016 project will be his first since his life-threatening injury in Dec. 2014, which RMG produced a documentary about last year.

In 2017, Canon said he plans to start releasing two projects per year.