• Christian rap

    Christian Rap Song Drops [September 10th] (Listen Here)

    Christian Rap had a few solid drops today, so we updated the playlists and dropped them right here for you! Let us know which ones you’re listening to today! Anthone Ray – Hunger Flow BigBreeze & Wow Eli – Stamp That C4 Crotona – Save My Homies Lundi – Personal ft. Gabby Callwood KB – Worship in the Moshpit Namedtobias. ...
  • Trutha & Conscience

    Trutha & Conscience – I Know This

    Trutha & Conscience open 2021 with their new single “I Know This” produced by Poetics. Both artists rap about following purpose despite the challenges they face from naysayers and doubters, heralding the importance of trusting in God. This song is a motivation to pursue greatness and grind hard for that God-given purpose and desire in you. Listen to Trutha & Conscience Below:
  • Christian Rap

    Christian Rap Song Drops [December 18 2020] (Listen Here)

    The year is winding down and many in Christian rap are making a final push. A whole bunch of tracks dropped today and we have many of them. 1K FAMO Angie Rose Deane Walden x Rapzilla ft. 350 FLF x Oh-So Ian Kenville Jodie Jermaine Ruslan Spencer Kane ft. Libby Barnes Tre’Gadd Trutha x YJO UZUHAN Weez the Satellite Kiid ...
  • Trutha

    Trutha – Lock Me Down

    Trutha switches up the vibe with his new single, “Lock Me Down” produced by KT Beats. Trutha raps about feeling put into a box by many over the years and how God has helped him to step out his comfort zone. This song is a reminder to never let anyone box you in as a Christian or tell you who ...
  • Trutha

    Trutha & Battz – All God

    Trutha teams up with Battz to release “All God” produced by JØSEPH. Trutha reflects on how God has been there for him growing up on the Southside of Chicago. Battz brings up the energy with authentic rhymes about his experience with God. This song is an anthem and a reminder that God is still at work in this world. Listen to Trutha Below: Buy or stream here.
  • Trutha

    Trutha – Play For Keepz

    “Play For Keepz,” produced by Poetics, is a street anthem with a message of truth. Trutha talks about his upbringing in Chicago and the mentality that many from the hood adopt based on the harsh treatment and hate they receive from all directions. Listen to Trutha Below: Buy here.
  • Trutha

    Trutha & Xay Hill – Came Up

    “Came Up,” produced by Trutha & Xay Hill, and produced by  Zdan Beats, is an instant banger. Trutha brings energy to this anthem, celebrating the wins of him and his team and beating the odds stacked against him. Rapzilla 2020 Freshman Xay Hill brings additional punch and sauce to the single. Overall, the song is a motivation to continue grinding and go ...
  • Trutha and Marqus Anthony

    Trutha and Marqus Anthony – Replay

    “Replay,” produced by PoetiCS, is a godly banger! Trutha brings dope flows and witty bars creating a slick verse. Marqus Anthony comes in next utilizing a variety of cadences and vocal tones to get across his message. Overall, the song brags on the goodness of God and encourages the listener to trust in the Lord. Listen to Trutha and Marqus Anthony ...