• Marqus Anthony

    Marqus Anthony – Down Remix ft. Porsha Love, Czar Josh, Avila, & Jazmine NIkao

    “Down Remix” by Marqus Anthony featuring Avila, Porsha Love, Czar Josh & Jazmine NIkao showcases a dope and diverse group of Atlanta creatives delivering an exciting new anthem. Boxers, athletes, and people everywhere can relate to what it’s like to be counted out. Yet, we must look inside and find the motivation to get back up one more time. When ...
  • Christian rap

    Christian Rap Song Drops [October 30 2020] (Listen Here)

    EVERYONE dropped in Christian rap today. In an effort to get to as many as we can, here’s a post with a bunch! Let us know which of these were your favorites in the comments. 1K Phew Andy Mineo ft. Mez DJ Mykael V ft. nobigdyl. & Starringo Eric Heron F’rael Ian Kenville x Cayman Wendt x Alex Papaleo J. ...
  • Marqus Anthony

    Marqus Anthony – Down ft. Avila & Porsha Love

    “Down” by Marqus Anthony featuring Avila and Porsha Love is a dominant, hard-hitting banger. The Avila production goes crazy, and the young producer sauces on the hook as well. This diverse young trio unites in an awesome way to encourage people going through downtimes that better is available in Christ. Listen to Marqus Anthony Below: Buy or stream here.
  • BRM

    BRM – Peter Pan ft. Marqus Anthony [Free Download]

    “Peter Pan” by BRM featuring Marqus Anthony is a fun and playful song about not wanting to grow up, and living in that free childlike faith – like Peter Pan! Grab a free download on Rapzilla.com. Listen to BRM Below: Rapzilla · BRM – Peter Pan ft. Marqus Anthony [Free Download]
  • Marqus Anthony

    Marqus Anthony & Dzyne by God – Can’t Get Enough

    “Can’t Get Enough” by Marqus Anthony & Dzyne By God is a super dope hip hop and R&B collab. Each artist slides on the Kevin Hues production in his own way as they brag on the irresistible nature of God’s love once you’ve had a real taste. Listen to Marqus Anthony and Dzyne by God Below: Rapzilla · Marqus Anthony & ...
  • Marqus Anthony

    Marqus Anthony – IS HE STILL GOD?

    “IS HE STILL GOD?” by Marqus Anthony is a super chill lo-fi vibe produced by Oh-So. Anthony pours out a variety of feelings in this heartfelt single. He addresses the emotional roller coaster of being a prayerful individual. Is God still supreme, just and good even when our prayers go unanswered? How do we cope with the thought of being ignored by ...
  • Trutha and Marqus Anthony

    Trutha and Marqus Anthony – Replay

    “Replay,” produced by PoetiCS, is a godly banger! Trutha brings dope flows and witty bars creating a slick verse. Marqus Anthony comes in next utilizing a variety of cadences and vocal tones to get across his message. Overall, the song brags on the goodness of God and encourages the listener to trust in the Lord. Listen to Trutha and Marqus Anthony ...
  • Marqus Anthony and Xay Hill

    Marqus Anthony & Xay Hill – 50 Shades [Listen Here]

    Marqus Anthony & Xay Hill dropped their joint album 50 Shades today. It features production from B-Coe, ICE Beatz and Until Completion as well as features from R-Swift and Jazmine Nikao. “The EP details a variety of emotions as these young men spill their hearts. Transparency abounds as they address feeling gray. Ultimately, no amount of alcohol, drugs, money or women can bring ...
  • Marqus Anthony and Xay Hill

    Marqus Anthony and Xay Hill – Easy ft. R-Swift

    “Easy,” produced by ICE Beatz, is a storytelling bop with a super dope feel by Marqus Anthony and Xay Hill. It features the legend R-Swift too. Overall the collaboration of these three artists produces a deeply uplifting banger suitable for everybody since we can all relate to the concept of this life not being easy. Nevertheless, we are greatly encouraged ...
  • Marqus Anthony

    Old Man Xero & Marqus Anthony – Enemies

    “Enemies,” produced by Old Man Xero, is an awesome take on “turning the other cheek” in 2019. Marqus Anthony brings the bars on his verse. These men feel trouble all around them, yet they seek the Lord to help them show compassion towards their enemies. Listen to Old Man Xero & Marqus Anthony Below: Buy or stream here.