The “Beyond the Grave” by Stephen King highlights the fact that all of us need to consider the choices we make while we are alive before we die and face judgment.

Young people need to know that the choices they make affect not only their lives but also the lives of everyone around them. The song is inspired by the “Beyond the Grave” play at Victory Fellowship, which has taken on something of a cult status among some teenagers in the New Orleans area, tells the story of how a group of high school students’ lives is impacted and changed forever by a shooting at their school gathering by one of their classmates. More than 300,000 people — primarily teenagers — have viewed a performance of “Beyond The Grave” since it began in October 1999.

This song also highlights the fact that mankind doesn’t have to go to hell if they will repent and accept God’s plan of salvation and that is his son, Jesus, as their savior. We belong in heaven. Choosing eternal life in heaven over eternal punishment in hell is the right way to go.

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