This afternoon Reach Records tweeted out “¡Sin Vergüenza!” which translates to “without shame” aka “unashamed,” the 116 anthem. However, looking deeper into it, we find some clues that this could be hinting at a new Latino signing.

Here’s the theory. Reach Records next artist is *drumroll*…Tommy Royale.

If you don’t know who Tommy Royale is, he’s a Puerto Rican artist who does his music exclusively in Spanish. He’s been featured on Reach affiliated songs, most notably “Live Forever” which also introduced Hulvey who hadn’t been announced yet. Royale was also named a Rapzilla Freshmen.

Tommy’s final lines in his “Live Forever” verse is:

“Cuando llamé a mami dije ‘Llama la prensa’ / Por mis poca vergüenza, ahora soy sin vergüenza”

This roughly translates to “When I called mommy I said, “Call the press / Because of my little shame, now I’m shameless.”

Tommy uses the phrase “sin vergüenza” and the song introduced Hulvey before they announced his signing, so now it’s Tommy’s turn.

On top of this, Tommy has taken to IG to repost these tweets, Ace Harris retweeted with eyeball emojis, and Lecrae commented “por vida” which “for life.” “Unashamed for life.”

Of course, this theory can be completely wrong. And it could just be a fire Latin track as evidence by the tags of Cardec, Niko Eme, Antonio Redes, and then Don Ryvcko’s comments. However, I can’t help but think there’s more, especially with Hulvey being there on “Live Forever” too. Tommy is also on Cardec’s label of No Apologies and Ryvcko is their newest artist so this could be a Reach joint venture. It’s fun to imagine though!

Oh yeah, Aaron Cole is on “Live Forever” as well, so, what does that mean? I don’t know, but the next few months could be exciting.