Diomer was indecisive about releasing “Get With The Love” for a long time, but he finally let it fly.

“I’ve had the footage to ‘Get With The Love’ in the vault for almost two years. We shot it in the fall of 2018 and this song has been on my SoundCloud page since 2017. In light of everything going on right now, I thought it would be dope to put this together and share it. I’m glad I waited because I’m better at editing now, but I held onto this for a while because I got too in my head and didn’t think it’d be good to share. I used to overthink my decisions so often, and that kept me from releasing content for two years. That version of Diomer no longer exists though, praise God! I still get in my head a lot, but I rely on the Lord to push through and release content for His glory!”

As far as the creation of the video itself, Diomer had a distinct vision. “I tried to make this feel like it was created in the ’90s with the 4:3 ratio and subtle VHS look. This became an experimental piece and a lot of the footage you see is stock footage that I recently mixed in. I added anything that came to my mind visually when thinking about this song and video. Shoutout to my friends Julia & Lizzie for learning how to use my camera and gimbal to shoot the performance footage. I hope people feel nostalgia when they watch the video.”

Watch Diomer Below: