Hip-Hop artist Trust’N released a free download of his song “Do What I Gotta” as a reclamation of his faith.

“This project is really special because it’s all about a celebration of coming back to my faith. This year my faith in college was struggling. I was making music and submitting to websites like yours and they were never posted so I lost hope in spreading the message Jesus calls us to. I decided to release an explicit album called “Lost Boys’ it really took off. On Spotify alone this month I have 70,00 monthly listeners. The success blinded me. After a very fruitful conversation with a leader of an on-campus ministry who called me out pretty much, my view was changed. This album is totally dedicated to the come back to my faith. This song is a perfect example of that idea. Do What I Gotta is all about doing what I’m doing, still being successful but doing it with God on my side and for God because he totally deserves it! He gave me this gift and I was being selfish.”

Purchase here.