2018 is here and Rapzilla.com is looking back to celebrate Christian hip hop’s best art and artists from 2017.

We are highlighting 10 projects solely for their dope artwork. Fan vote decides the victors. This poll is for Best Album Artwork, including singles and promotional material. Voting ends on January 7th at 11 PM PST.

As You Pass, Go – Lawren

(Artwork by: Kevin Hackett)

(Video by: Matthew Amor Squatch Matrix)

Eden – Davis Absolute

(Artwork by Davis Absolute)

In Fatherhood – Beleaf

(Artwork by: John Ed De Vera)

Holy Weapon, Vol. 3 – Jarry Manna

(Artwork by: noachili and Jarry Manna)

Memoirs of a Perfect World – Selah The Corner

(Artwork by:DJ YNot and Selah the Corner)

Ohana – TheKnuBlack

(Artwork by: Tom Buxton)

Today We Rebel – KB

(Artwork by: Alex Medina and Alex Castro)

Tumultu – Mogli the Iceburg

(Artwork by: Mogli the Iceburg)

Untold Story: Trill Young King – Corey Paul

(Artwork by: ZXMBIAC)

Worthy – Beautiful Eulogy

(Artwork by: Anthony Benedetto)