Available on Rapzilla.com for free exclusively for less than 48 hours, get the debut EP from Json’s new group Dead Heroes. Json is joined on Dead Heroes by Tory Starks (fka Future), Word (fka T-Word), Nico Wells and producer DeeOnTheTrack.


At Legacy Conference 2016, Json explained the name of the collective.

“In order for the hero within us to live, we must die,” he told Rapzilla. “For Christ to be made alive in us, we must continue to die, so we are dead heroes. Our fight is to lose ourselves so that he might be made known in us and through us.”

Each Dead Heroes member lives in St. Louis and attends the same church, where Starks serves as a co-pastor.

“We do life together,” Json said. “It only made sense that we did music as well.”

Dead Heroes’s debut collaboration came on Json’s July project, Foreign, Vol. 1, on the song “Whoa”, which is included on the Dead Heroes EP.


  1. Come Alive
  2. Whoa
  3. Old Me
  4. Draft Pick
  5. Worth it All

Dead Heroes is available for purchase on iTunes and all other digital music outlets