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Phanatik to Release New Album ‘Art of Battle Rap’ July 8

Phanatik, a Christian Hip Hop pioneer and founding member of the two time Grammy nominated group The Cross Movement, is scheduled to release his 4th solo project entitled, The Art of Battle Rap: Puns and Punchlines, Vol. 1 on July 8th.

“I remember a time when Christian Rap had that same feel. Each song was like watching a title bout where God’s glory was on the line and each listener was forced to deal with his/her own ethical opposition to God’s universal claims”, said Phanatik.

The Art of Battle rap is intended to return to the Christian rap of old, a type of hip hop that presented a challenge to the soul of the listener to either accept or reject the biblical claims set forth by God contained within the music. This album will feature bold proclamations of God’s wisdom and glory as well as outright challenges to the things that our culture has defined as worthy of our attention and worship. Believing that some artists have taken the battle rap approach too far and that others may not be taking it far enough, Phanatik hopes to demonstrate the art of accurately drawing the spiritual battle lines for a new generation of Hip Hop lovers and listeners. Recognizing a shift in the culture, he admits, “While the Christian who raps today plays much nicer with the culture than Christian rappers of the past, I would hate to have the new school grow up not knowing what it sounds like for God’s gauntlet to be thrown in hip-hop.”

The Art of Battle Rap will be released independently, and apart from Cross Movement Records, a first for the Grammy nominated artist.

Features on The Art of Battle Rap are expected to include well known Collision Records artist Swoope. Others included on Phanatik’s fourth solo project are Ameen of HGA, Leah Smith, and Eric MC Allister.

Phanatik yesterday released “Warning Shots,” a song not to be included in The Art of Battle Rap, to prepare fans for his return after a 4 year solo hiatus following the release of Party Over Here.

The Art of Battle Rap: Puns and Punchlines, Vol.1 is now available for pre-order on Amazon and iTunes.

1. Battle Lines
2. The Weigh In
3. Fight Night
4. Tight Corner (feat. Ameen of HGA)
5. Fight Fair (feat. Leah Smith)
6. Dropping Jewels
7. Like a Champ
8. Overkill (feat. Gabrielle Hurtt)
9. Sick Wit It (feat. Ed Mejia & Swoope)
10. Lovers vs Fighters (feat. Eric MC Allister)
11. Battle Me (feat. Point Ash)
12. Keep Going (feat. Chardé Jones)



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