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CTF Records To Release ‘Rebranded’ Free Mulitmedia Program

Throughout the last ten years, Urban Christianity has gained ground through the success of Christian Hip-Hop. This advancement has helped organizations develop biblically based curriculums to reach inner city youth such as Streetlights, Man Up and 13 Letters, among others. Unfortunately, because of the lack of financial resources the number of available materials is small while the need for new, and innovative programs are high. For this reason, CTF Records has partnered with One Hope.

One Hope is an international ministry that presents the redemptive story of Christ to the youth around the globe using age specific and contextualized programs. In 2013 they partnered with an estimate of 100,000 churches to engage 93 million youth with Scripture.

CTF Records is an up and coming label that has produced two of the hottest mixtapes of 2014: Finally by Oscar Urbina and Off Season by Serge.

Together they have created one of the most innovative and engaging programs through the means of scripture for inner city youth.

CTF Records is excited to present “Rebranded!”

Rebranded” is a multimedia program that depicts 9 biblical stories through the combination of high quality animated videos, and storytelling rap songs by talented recording artists. Each animated video is accompanied by an insightful lesson in the teacher’s guide, and a heartfelt testimony video. “Rebranded” is designed to introduce the youth to the Gospel, and teach them the truth that God is their Father through messages of purpose, unconditional love, and hope for the future.

“Rebranded” will be available Tuesday, August 5th as a free download.

1. Creation – Oscar Urbina ft. Paul Morris
2. The Fall – Serge
3. Flood – Woody
4. Abraham and Isaac – Serge
5. Joseph – B-Doe ft. Serge
6. Moses – God’s Servant
7. Hosea – Serge
8. The Passion – Serge
9. New Jerusalem – Serge

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