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Dream Junkies: NREM Edition Available to Download

When three talented MCs unite behind a common vision and mission that focuses on inspiring others more than glorifying themselves, the results should be exceptional.
“Exceptional” is just one way that listeners have described “Dream Junkies: NREM Edition,” the first collaborative project from Kings Dream Entertainment MCs Ruslan, Beleaf, and John Givez.

Each successful MCs in their own right, working together just made sense, “our fans have been asking us to do something together for a while,” said Ruslan. “We didn’t want to do it just to do it. We wanted to do it in a way that would inspire and encourage everyone who heard it.”

They began work on the project in December of 2013, combing through countless beat submissions. “It was important for us to find beats that were inspiring for us so that we could inspire others with our writing,” Beleaf said of the music selection and creation process.

What they ended up with were 11 tracks (plus 3 bonus tracks on the deluxe edition). Each track has a unique message designed to fulfill the Dream Junkies mission of inspiring and encouraging others to dream big and become the people God designed them to be.

“This is inspirational Hip-Hop,” said John Givez. “We see all kinds of people that don’t need more club music, or more trap music; they need music that will inspire and encourage them to succeed at whatever they do. That’s what we’re about.”

“Dream Junkies: NREM Edition” is available as a free download at DreamJunkies.us. The deluxe version is available with the purchase of a t-shirt from KingsDreamENT.com, or with the purchase of a ticket to the upcoming Dream Junkies tour dates in Dallas or San Diego.

When asked about the title of the album, Ruslan explained, “We’re Dream Junkies. We pursue and live our dreams, the dreams God planted in us. We want to inspire others to do the same.”

Ruslan also explained the subtitle, “NREM is the first stage of sleep. It’s the first step we go through on the way to our dreams.”

When it was pointed out that there are multiple stages of sleep and asked if listeners could expect multiple Dream Junkies projects, Ruslan answered, “we’re just getting started. We have a lot of music planned for this year, so people should definitely be paying attention to Kings Dream.”

If this is just stage one from the Dream Junkies, hip-hop fans have a lot to look forward to as Kings Dream inspires people toward realizing their dreams.



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