If you want to listen to the radio or watch or read a newspaper you have A LOT of choices … right? You can watch MTV, BET, CMT, NBC, ABC, ESPN, CNN, HBO, Nick Jr., etc. That sounds like a lot of choices when flipping through the channels on TV. Do you notice that most of the shows are the same concepts, just with different names? Well, that’s because 6 companies own and control 70% of what is on cable television. The Big Six are GE, News-Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS. The remaining 30% of content comes from 3,762 other businesses.

All around the world same song. We love radio for what it was and what it could be. If you are old enough you remember how amazing the content was. You remember recording songs onto cassette tapes. If you can’t remember doing that then it’s because you didn’t want to because of the stagnation in content. Why record the show when you know the most popular songs will be on 3 times in that hour? In 1995, the FCC forbade companies to own over 40 stations yet Clear Channel owns over 1,200 radio stations. In some cities they own every station. In rare instances that Clear Channel doesn’t own radio stations and what is being played, most others just match the playlist that their stations are playing since it must be working. Everywhere else in the U.S., 80% of stations playlist match Clear Channel.

232 media executives control the information that is delievered to 277 million Americans. Control the media and you control the public’s world view and buying behaviors.

What can you do about it? Educate yourself on the products that you consume whether it be TV, movies, newspapers, magazines, music, radio, food, etc. Know who your mighty dollar is going to support. Votes don’t count but dollars do. Where you send your money is your vote. Support the independently owned companies and bring back variety. Tell others to do the same.

Infographic Source: FrugalDad.com