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DeepSpace5 ‘The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be’

You should have heard of them by now, but maybe you haven’t. If you’ve happened to run across the super-crew known as Deepspace5, then you can be sure you haven’t forgot.

Deepspace5 is comprised of 3 producers and 7 MC’s. The group has had two nationally distributed records, The Night We Called It A Day (Uprok/BEC 2001), and Unique Just Like Everyone Else (Gotee Records/EMI 2005). Deepspace5 has had more independently released albums, including Beat Rabbi Presents: Deepspace5oul (Illect Recordings 2007) and Bake Sale (Deepspace5 records 2008). Her members include Manchild and Dust of Mars Ill fame, Playdough, Sev Statik, Beat Rabbi, Fred- die Bruno, Sivion, sintax.the.terrific, Manwell?, and Listener.

DeepSpace5 is back after their last official release ‘Unique, Just Like Everyone Else’ which dropped in 2005 on Gotee Records. ‘The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be’ is releasing April 27th 2010 on Mega Royal Records.

Pre-Order the album at Mega Royal Records

1. Introducing Fhe Future
2. From The Outside (Dust)
3. Spit Shine (Beat Rabbi)
4. Lord Willing (Dust)
5. Black Magic (Beat Rabbi)
6. Oh Geez (Beat Rabbi)
7. Punch Drunk (Playdough)
8. Killing With Kindness (Freddie Bruno)
9. Beat The Rap (Dust)
10. Natural Selection (Beat Rabbi)
11. All You Can Eat (Freddie Bruno)
12. Geronimo (Beat Rabbi)
13. Body Double (Freddie Bruno)
14. And It Was Good (Dust)
15. Where Amazing Happens (Dust)

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