Zee released his debut album Livin’ Proof in 2006. The project did exceptionally well winning multiple awards, nominations and recognitions, obtained radio play, and put forth a hope-filled video for his hit single “Heaven Ain’t Got No Ghetto.” Zee has recently made Livin’ Proof available for free download and says that it will be for free indefinitely.

“I’m in a different space right now. It is crucial that people hear the truth. I want people to get this music into their hands without any barriers, and the best marketing plan I believe we as Christians can have today is ‘COME GET IT FOR FREE!’ It’s a faith move for sure. I can’t say each project I do will be free, but the next album – TOUGH LOVE – is already set to be released in this manner as well. Don’t get it twisted though. Just because it’s free doesn’t mean it isn’t quality. Already a lot has been tremendously invested to make sure everything is top notch – from the production, to engineering, photography, design, packaging, manufacturing and more. I’m also hoping to put together another great music video. I’m excited.”