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Lesun to release “The K.I.S.S. Album”


This December, Lesun returns with his sophomore effort entitled "The K.I.S.S. Album" K.I.S.S is an known acronym which stands for "keep it short and sweet" explaining that in ministering the gospel there is an undying need for disciples to revert back to keeping Christ's teachings in the way it was originally intended, in its simplest form. Jesus explained alot of his principalities in parables and analogies to his disciples so they would be able to understand it in its truest form.


The KISS Album cover

"As an emcee,its easy to get complex lyrically, and conceptually,so much that we forget that there's more than just other gospel rappers listening . Yeah there is time for deep discussions and there is a time for simplicity, but with souls perishing at an unprecented rate the necessity for simplicity is on the rise," says Lesun. This project promises to still be creative lyrically, while simultaneously be simple enough to grasp the message from each song. He just desires for people of all ages, and races to enjoy this album and be able to take hold of the joy of that we have in Jesus Chist our Lord and Saviour.

There will be a little bit of everything for everyone on this project.  Production handled by Lesun, Tony Stone, Roc Beats, GP and more. Album release date to be announced.

You can listen to the "Kiss Trailer" and check out the new myspace design on  www.myspace.com/lesun .  If you pre-order the album you get a free bonus CD at www.brucelesun.com.  



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