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Interview – Eric Cross


Eric Cross has recently signed with Beatmart Recordings. We had a little chat with him about it and what to expect from his upcoming album.

Introduce yourself for all those that don't know you.
For all those that don't know me I go by the name of Eric Cross a.k.a E Cross.  I come from the midwest Milwaukee, Wi were I was born and raised.  To know more about me you can check out www.ecrossmusic.com.
You just recently signed with Beatmart, how did you hook up with the label?
I hooked up with Beatmart when I went to Fla.vor Fest 2006 back in November.  I met Todd Collins we conversated for a little bit about sports and all that good stuff and then he asked me for my cd; so I gave it to him and to make a long story short he loved my music and my performance which he got to see later on that night.  Todd and I keep in touch for about three months before I signed the contract and here I am.  It's truly a blessing from God.
What are your plans with Beatmart?
My plans with Beatmart is to just play my role in helping to continue the success that they have already obtained, while making good music that will motivate believers and non-believers towards a stronger relationship with Christ.
ImageWhen can we expect your album to release?
You can expect my album entitled "The Art of Composition" to be released sometime in late summer early fall.

When will you start recording the album?
I will probably start recording the album in late March or sometime in April.
Anyone special you want featured in the album?
As far as anyone who will be featured on my album that is still up for debate.  However the one person who will be featured on my album is my guy D-M.AU.B. hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio also Soul P and I are going to lay down a track; so that should be exciting.
How about producers? Just Todd Collins? 
As far as producers I'm assuming Todd is going to be doing most of the production however he did have an open invite for producers to lay down some beats for my album.  So we will have to wait and see.

If you could have anyone featured who would it be?
If I could have anyone feature on the album it would be J.R., I love his voice and Theory Hazit his lyrical ability speaks for itself.

How do you feel being signed with Beatmart Recordings?
In regards to signing with Beatmart Recordings; I feel extremely honored that Todd saw something in me to give me this opportunity so I'm extremely honored and excited to be part of the Beatmart family. 



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