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The most ridiculous thing I have ever experienced. But is that good or bad? Put Weird-Al, Weezer, Beastie Boys, Kottonmouth King beats and some real good production in a blender and out pops Chunjay and Flatline otherwise known as Royal Ruckus. The first time I went through this album I was semi-annoyed. At first the goofiness level (which surpasses both Johns, Pigeon and Reuben) it seems too much for anyone to bear. Some songs (“I want to be in a Boy band”, and “Mpfree” would of better been left on the cutting board.) But after a couple listens through I finally got the joke and realized that this was in fact a new style of music that I now enjoy very much. The beats are colored way out of the lines, but very well done and innovative. The production and the fact that RR has the ability to make you laugh out loud are two very strong points. This album is for people that are bored with mundane sound, found in a lot of the underground and Christian hip-hop releases recently. Though this is not for hip-hop heads period. It is good to know that there are people out there willing to try something new and succeeding at it. If you like walking out of line and looking for new area to trudge give Royal Ruckus a wink and a nudge.

1. Introducing
2. Next Best Thing
3. Geeky Music 4 Kidz
4. Wink & A Nudge
5. Irate Caller #1 (Interlude)
6. Check It Out (feat. Vinyl Jones of Paul Revere)
7. I Had A Dream (Interlude)
8. Let’s Start A Boy Band
9. Coffee Shop (Interlude)
10. The Latte Show
11. Irate Caller #2 (Interlude)
12. Double Take
13. Bob Went Crazy
14. MP-Free (Interlude)
15. B-Side Rock
16. Six Months (Interlude)
17. My Friend (Beat Mix)
18. Arrive @ Something (feat. Flynn)
19. The Associate (Interlude)
20. Multi-Purpose Room (feat. Cookbook, Uno Mas, Vinyl Jones, MaxOne & Greg Words)


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