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Top Underrated Christian Rap Songs of the Week – 6/21/19

New content is released every week, and it’s sometimes easy for it to get lost in the shuffle. For that reason, we’d like to offer up this weekly rewind. These are some of our favorite releases to make their way to us for review — the Top Underrated Christian Rap songs of the week.


“Rinse Cycle” is an excellent track for fans of lyrical hip hop. The overall message JUSTCALLMEDT delivers through this track is one of focus and not compromise when under pressure.

P. Lo Jetson – Juice 4 Sale

The perfect combination of swag and content, P.Lo Jetson blessed us with a Christian rap song that allows his listeners to both vibe out and reflect on Jesus at the same time.

Aaron Kolenc – Light

For fans of Juice WRLD,  Aaron Kolenc proves that you can have a new school sound but still pack in some bars. “Light” encourages listeners to light up the world with the Holy Spirit.

DZH – Can I Be Honest

A testimony song that takes listeners on a musical journey through the mind of DZH, as he rides a super smooth boom-bap beat into the sunset.

Zabbai – All You Tell Me

Zabbai just released new visuals for his latest song “All You Tell Me,” which you can check out here on This track is a song of praise for the childlike faith that we have in our creator.

Theo Blue – Bounce Back

God is the only way to bounce back from heartbreak, and Theo Blue does an excellent job delivering that message.

Dondi – One In a Million ft. Thomas Iannucci

Dondi and Thomas Iannucci deliver a nice pop-rap combo on “One In a Million” that has serious mainstream radio potential. I expect to see big things from this artist in the future.

Kamban – The Race (Run It) ft. Xay Hill

No matter the struggles, trials, or amount of hurt presented to us, We have to continue and finish the race. Kamban flows with flawless effort over this track while Xay Hill delivers one of those catchy hooks that he’s become so well known for.

Corey Wise – Sometimes

Corey Wise ” Sometimes!” is a song of lament which begs for Jesus to help us through our hard times

Doxamillion- Desperado ft. Phil J

Desperado is a heavy vibe that is delivered bilingually. Doxamillion consistently proves that you can make CHH bangers no matter what language you are spitting them in.

We hope you took the time to check these Christian rap singles out. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.


Written by Tom REF Mong

Tom has loved Christian Rap and Hip Hop since first being exposed to it in 2003. Whether it be as a fan, radio host, artist or promoter, his heart for people is what drives him to continue as a community leader and Christ focused member of the CHH community.

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