• Xbox Scarlett

    Xbox Scarlett Unveiled as Microsoft’s Next Console

    Xbox dropped a bombshell this week. The Microsoft console unveiled that 2020 will be the year the gaming giant releases its new console. Their previous game system, the Xbox One, dropped back in 2013 and has seen several updates over the years to include new hardware and 4k compatibility. Enter the Xbox Scarlett. Still, the Bill Gates owned brand is ...
  • E3 Expo

    2018 E3 Expo Gaming Predictions

    Every year E3 Expo gets longer and longer. An event that only five or so years ago began on a Monday, now starts, unofficially, today with EA Play. If you keep up with gaming news, it probably started for you a few weeks ago. With WalMart’s Canadian website’s leak of several upcoming titles, much of the news from this year’s ...