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    Album Listening Session: Stephen the Levite ‘The Last Missionary’

    Available in stores April 24, 2012. Pre-order here: http://bit.ly/IaT6Ng. 1. The First Missionary (最初の宣教師) 2. Give It Up! (ギヴ·イット·アップ) 3. Voltron ft. Mac the doulos & Zae da Blacksmith (百獣の王Golion) 4. My Wife’s Soundtrack (私の妻のサウンドトラック) 5. Fight Club ft. muzeONE (ファイト·クラブ) 6. Commissionary (共同宣教師) 7. Dividing Lies ft. S.O. (割るライズ) 8. S.O.S. ft. Wes Pendleton (歌の歌) 9. Wrote It This ...
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    M.O.T. Releases Free Album ‘Failed Fitters’

    M.O.T. has a new album out entitled “Failed Fitters” available for FREE download here. This project focuses more on Relationship rather than Religion. M.O.T. comments “Each song is written in a unique way. Whether its from God to Man or Man to God..Or us to the World. This is the most honest music we’ve ever wrote. Enough talking Here it ...
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    New Tranzlations video with Urban D.

    Most of us have plans for the future. Many times we share those plans with others – we talk about where we’re going to go and what we’re going to do – what album we’re going to drop or what business or ministry we’re going to start...
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    Letter From Lockdown

    Some of us reading this have visited someone behind bars before. Some of us may have even spent some time there ourselves. But all of us can at least somewhat imagine what it would be like as we’ve seen movies, TV shows, and even heard first hand descriptions about what it’s like on the inside. Getting locked up can be ...