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    Jesus Died For Our S…ecular beats?

    Jesus Died For Our S...ecular beats?

    If you've been around the Christian Hip Hop scene for any period of time, you've heard people say "secular beats are sin." Even in my most zealous, legalistic days I've never really got on board with that idea. I mean c'mon son, sin?!?! Like, you ...
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    DJ Rhino New “Wanted” Mixtape

    DJ Rhino releases his long awaited follow up to "It's Time" with "Wanted" on 11/11/08. This mixtape is packed with 35 bangin' tracks including exclusives and remixes! Artists include Sean Slaughter, Corey Red, Tonex, Applejaxx, Braille, Afaar, Theory Hazit, J.Kwest, Poems, Surreal, YSG Timothy, Cash Hollistah, ManChild, and many more!

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    Where Are All The Christian Rap Critics? (Part 2 of 2)

    Photo by Brian Solis

    Where are all the Christian rap critics? Where are those of us bold enough to say an album, at least creatively, really ain’t hitting? By the same token, where are the artists tough enough to accept negative criticism of their ...

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    Phanatik to shoot a Music Video

    Phanatik will shoot a new Music Video for his song “ShoΒ’Em Off“. On Phanatik’s myspace blog he’s asking people to come dressed, this info may give you an idea of the music video. Peep the contrast – GodΒ’s Glory vs earthly fashion…which one are you showing off more??? If youΒ’re local ( philly jersey ny de ) and can make ...