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    Geeda ‘The Final Call’ Releases this Summer

    Chicago’s own hometown hero, Geeda who is a producer, songwriter, as well as recording artist on G-Musik Group. Geeda has two independent albums under his belt, “Revelations” and “The Advent” and is gearing up for the summer 2011 release of “The Final Call” which completes the trilogy centered around the end of days themes. ...
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    Lecrae on ‘Passion: Here For You’

    Lecrae is featured on two songs from the new album 'Passion: Here For You' which was recorded live at the Passion 2011 conference with more than 20,000 university-aged students in Atlanta, GA January 1-4, 2011. The album features sixstepsrecords artists Chris Tomlin, David Crowder*Band, Charlie Hall, Matt Redman, Christy Nockels and Kristian Stanfill. The album and new song ...
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    Rawsrvnt Re-releases No Ordinary Love

    Soul Deep Records is re-releasing Rawsrvnt’s No Ordinary Love, his 5th studio album, which features the Billboard hit “On Fire” and two new songs. Since 1999, Rawsrvnt, also known as Eddy Puyol from the reality TV Show Donald J. Trump presents The Ultimate Merger, has made it his mandate to share God’s radical and unconditional love with people all over ...
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    DJ Morph & Dro – DJ/Drummer project

    Back in the day it was often said, “Everything revolves around the DJ and the drummer.” While the elements of music are constantly being arranged, the DJ and the Drummer have always stood in the gap to keep the timing strong and the records spinning.
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    Flavor Fest X wrap up

    The 10 year anniversary of Flavor Fest was huge success... but almost didn't happen. Crossover's new facility was scheduled to go through it's final inspections on Thursday afternoon. The inspections lasted longer than expected and the 5:00pm cut off passed. In order to pass inspection the building had to have back up power for ...
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    Jesus Died For Our S…ecular beats?

    Jesus Died For Our S...ecular beats?

    If you've been around the Christian Hip Hop scene for any period of time, you've heard people say "secular beats are sin." Even in my most zealous, legalistic days I've never really got on board with that idea. I mean c'mon son, sin?!?! Like, you ...
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    Mixtapes: A Huge Opportunity For Evangelism

    Mixtape's have been around since the late 70's, and many artists have found exposure and even gotten recording contracts from being featured on a mixtape. The mixtape in secular hip hop has been a proven outlet to promote your music in a cost effective way. Christian Hip Hop has been tapped into the ...
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    Interview – Rawsrvnt: on his new album, Sade, hip hop worship and more

    Rawsrvnt has been doing music in the Christian industry for several years. He has pioneered a Hip Hop Worship movement that has broken through religious barriers world wide. Traveling across the United States and treading international waters to Europe and Africa, he has impacted the masses with the truth of God's unconditional love utilizing a delivery method ...
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    Review – Rawsrvnt ‘No Ordinary Love’

    No Ordinary Love might not excel in lyricism, but it makes up for this with innovative music, heart, and well placed guest appearances. Rawsrvnt (pronounced: Raw Servant) may be an average emcee but he is an incredible artist. The songs on this album have so many instrumental and vocal parts that you might forget you are listening to ...
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    Rawsrvnt Making History Through Videos

    This past July 2009 Soul Deep Ministries and IAMSPEC.com teamed up to make history by releasing back to back to back to back music videos of some of Rawsrvnt’s hits. The first installment for this exciting, historic event was Rawsrvnt’s hip-hop worship song “Breathe” featuring Lisa McClendon.