• William Pippins

    William Pippins – Anxiety [FREE DOWNLOAD]

    William Pippins released “Anxiety” for free download. Let us know what you think in the comment section. “The meaning of this song is me telling a short story of the struggles that I dealt with in my early stages of life which ultimately caused me to have struggled with anxiety later on in life. The Bible tells us to be ...
  • William Pippins

    William Pippins – Do Better ft. King Silxs

    “Do Better” by William Pippins is here and it features King Silxs. The song is from his project The Obituary.  “The meaning of this song is that we as people tend to make mistakes and sometimes dwell on the past and not look towards a brighter future. This song was written to encourage anyone who makes mistakes and become stagnant in ...
  • William Pippins

    William Pippins & King Silxs – Blessed

    William Pippins and King Silxs are bringing REAL RAP back with “Blessed.” “The meaning behind the song is that in any situation in life all things work together for our good,” he said. “James 1:2 calls us to count it all joy when undergoing trails and tribulations knowing that the testing of our faith produces patience letting patience have its PERFECT ...
  • William Pippins

    William Pippins – Still Voice ft. Will Kellum

    William Pippins dropped new single “Still Voice” featuring Will Kellum for free download. “The Meaning behind this song is how we tend to listen or seek guidance from every other source outside of the voice and spirit of God, which ultimately leaves us in the wilderness, confused and lost,” he said. “This song is also inspired by 1 Kings 19:11-13 ...
  • William Pippins

    William Pippins – God’s Will ft. Demo Freeman

    Ohio-based emcee William Pippins dropped another single available for free download, “God’s Will” featuring Demo Freeman. “The Meaning behind this song is a short testimony on how the grace of God sustains us even outside of his “Perfect Will” that God has over our lives. In my song “God’s Will’ I’ll be telling a short story on how the Holy ...
  • William Pippins

    William Pippins – Everybody

    William Pippins dropped a free download of his track “Everybody” for Rapzilla.com “The meaning behind this song is how in today’s day and age we sometimes desire to be like everyone else around us,” said Pippins. “According to the word ‘success’ which we sometimes define as who has more materialistic things or by platform or by popularity. In actuality, God ...
  • William Pippins

    William Pippins – Abortive (Free Download)

    William Pippins released his single “Abortive” for free download.  This song paints a picture of how we sometimes desire to have materialistic things to fill voids in our lives. In the end, these materialistic things never bring us true happiness or satisfaction. Listen to William Pippins below: