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    Christian Rap Song Drops [October 22nd] (Listen Here)

    Christian Rap had too many drops to handle, so we updated the playlists and dropped them right here for you! Let us know which ones you’re listening to today! George.Rose – Bringing it Home ft. Arik Nelson & Parris Chariz Jude Barclay – World ft. DANMAR BigBreeze – Play it Safe Gerry Skrillz – Not Mine ft. J. Crum Brandyn ...
  • Will Kellum

    Will Kellum – With Me (What I Found)

    Will Kellum talks about his track “With Me”: Produced by Clint Taylor. The inspiration we got for the song derived from talking about the moment I first accepted Christ in my life. I was young at the age of 17. I told myself I wouldn’t smoke, curse, or run the streets anymore. I haven’t looked back since and I’m 24 ...
  • Will Kellum

    Will Kellum – How Does It Feel?

    Will Kellum dropped his new powerful single “How Does It Feel?” Here’s what he had to say: “When writing this single it was written as a dedication to those who have battled sexual perversion, lust, pornography, and even sexual abuse. To encourage those that have struggled or been through the situations I shared my testimony and how Jesus delivered me ...
  • Will Kellum

    Will Kellum – Can I Live? music video

    “Can I Live?” shows a passionate storyline from Will Kellum based on police brutality and racial profiling within the police force. Will Kellum has dealt with this first hand and thought it would be a great opportunity to shine a light on the topic and show God still has control over the situations that are at hand. Watch Will Kellum Below:
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    Will Kellum – Be Alright music video

    “Be Alright” by Will Kellum was inspired by all the trouble in the world that is going on today and, written to encourage those who are trying to cope during these times. “I pray this song can heal and inspire you through these tough times!” Watch Will Kellum Below: Buy or stream here.
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    Will Kellum & King Silxs – My Soul music video

    “My Soul” was written by Will Kellum and King Silxs and produced by Kellum and Dre Manuel. “The inspiration we got for the song derived from talking about the things God has delivered us from and has allowed us to overcome and become a new creature after dying to the flesh. ‘My Soul’ is an upbeat aggressive track that inspires ...
  • Will Kellum

    Will Kellum – Be Alright

    Will Kellum dropped his new single “Be Alright,” which serves to encourage his community. “I’m a Dayton, Ohio native. When writing this single it was written as a dedication to the mass shooting and the tornado that hit my city. To encourage those in the city and around the country in this time that God is still a keeper of ...
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    4 Christian Rap Artists You May Not Have Heard Yet [Luc’s Picks for April]

    I don’t know about you, but in this season of social distancing, I’ve found solace in Christian rap. Last month it was really cool for me to share some artists I’ve been listening to recently, so I hope you enjoy this as well. I share a video as well as a Spotify link for each artist because the goal is ...
  • Christian Rap Underrated

    Top Underrated Christian Rap Songs of the Week – 9/6/19

    New content is released every week, and it’s sometimes easy for it to get lost in the shuffle. For that reason, we’d like to offer up this weekly rewind. These are some of our favorite releases to make their way to us for review — the Top Underrated Christian Rap Songs of the Week. Milan Credle – Can’t hold Me ...
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    King Silxs & Will Kellum – Startover

    King Silxs and Will Kellum released a collab project over the weekend titled ‘Reset.’ Take a listen to Track 7 from the album. “The song is titled, ” Start Over” and it’s about us seeing how when we do things our way it never works but as soon as you trust God with your life he redirects your path and ...