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    MC Jin Announces Campaign with PledgeMusic

    MC Jin, has announced a PledgeMusic campaign for his second full-length English album, “14:59,” set for release on October 19th, 2014. MC Jin chose PledgeMusic’s direct-to-fan platform to interact with his strong fanbase and reach a larger audience worldwide. MC Jin shared: “It was in Miami, 20 years ago, when I heard LL Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out” ...
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    King Kulture – Stop the Traffic – Promo Video

    Pre-order the album on iTunes Our next compilation, ‘Rapzilla.com Presents… King Kulture: Stop The Traffic’ is focused on aiding organizations fighting human trafficking. Album proceeds will benefit a great organization based in, and focused on NYC, called NYCUP (New York City Urban Project). We’ll be providing you more ways that you can help get the word out soon! Album is ...
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    5 Cost Effective Ways to Promote Your Single

    Imagine this - you finally finish recording your album and it has been is mixed and mastered. Additionally, your artwork is complete and you are ready to promote your singles. The only issue that you experience revolves around the lack direction in regards to creating a buzz for your new album.

    Currently the favored ...
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    My three-year-old daughter is obsessed with bubbles. Since it’s been warmer out as of recent, she’s traded in Dora the Explorer On Demand for the great outdoors. She even has a machine that blows massive amounts of bubbles, so she and the machine work together to ensure our small lot is a bubble extravaganza. ...
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    The Music Video

    You’ve heard it said that we live in a digital age, an age where technology leads the march and we follow, almost unconsciously, wondering to ourselves what the next big thing will be.
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    Heart of a Rebel


    I'm doing my best to seize this moment when I don't have much to do. Well that's not the truth I have plenty to do but I don't feel so overwhelmed that I can't write.

    I am hurting for the world. Not some generic "world" that people cant see or touch. But for the world around ...

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    Interview – Flame


    Trailblaza had a talk on the phone with Flame about his latest album "Our World Fallen" and his upcoming album "Our World Redeemed."
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    Support Sivion

    We don't usually post news like this but this is exceptional. This is from Sivion's myspace blog: "Just so you know, on Valentine's Day, I was in a horrible car accident and flipped my car into an overpass."