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    Lecrae’s Anomaly makes noise, in the NBA of all places

    Professional sports are known for their intensity. Whether its running up and down a basketball court for hours at a time or being pummeled into the ground by a lineman who might be twice your size, being a professional athlete is intense.

    Hip Hop might be comparable in intensity. Pressure comes with the ...
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    Christian Hip Hop: Ministry or Business?

    “A man’s gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men”
    - Proverbs 18:16

    From the outside looking in, Christian Hip Hop seems to be a world where theology is often used to critique the so-called legitimacy or illegitimacy of “Christian rappers”. Often times, it seems as though there is ...
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    Young Noah – GBMD

    Buy on iTunes A single off Young Noah’s upcoming EP releasing at the end of October 2013. LYRICS: Hook: God broke me down so that he could build me up Verse 1: Standing up as God’s anointed’s harder than you think Man that pride a fill your heart up and it start to stink In God’s nose cuz you know ...
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    XROSS Releases New Album ‘OMG’

    The Minneapolis, MN native, XROSS released his new album 'OMG,' which is available now on iTunes. The album features gospel soul singers Jamecia Bennett (Daughter of Ann Nesby), Billy Steele (co-director of Sounds of Blackness) Timotha Lanae, and rap artists K-Jay, Righteous Jonez, Troy “T-Hud” Hudson with others.
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    Shai Linne – The Hypostatic Union

    *Produced by Die-Rek The first single from Shai Linne’s upcoming album ‘Lyrical Theology Part One’. LYRICS: Chorus I know it’s deep but when you peep you’ll find it’s dense Jesus both God and man, two hundred percents Fully divine, fully human Introducing: The Hypostatic Union (repeat) Verse 1 Our topic of discussion is beyond human comprehension The infinite God has ...
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    Gemstones – I Don’t Understand

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    Gemstones ‘Elephant In The Room’

    Gemstones, a former artist of 1st & 15th Entertainment – a label founded by Lupe Fiasco, releases ‘Elephant In The Room’, his second free album since leaving Lupe’s label and giving his life to God. The free album is lead up to Gemstones’ first retail album ‘Blind Elephant’ coming February 2013. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Tracklist: 1. Fire In My ...
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    Brass Knuckle Bullies ‘BKB’ Album Cover & Tracklisting

    Bareknuckle Bullies is a group which consist of two artist, Customary & Dominique Berho Tracklist: 1. The Intrusion 2. The Statement 3. Somewhere Out There feat. Jael KDLV and Micah Gilday 4. Never 5. Walking The Road 6. Nothing Lasts 7. Mystery Lady 8. Drive feat. Amy Brittell 9. We Are Beautiful 10. Sinking Ship feat. Braille 11. Let The ...
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    TV Wants it Raw

    I’ve been getting a lot of emails, phone calls, text messages, blog comments, etc. regarding my participation in TV One’s new reality show, “The Ultimate Merger.” Some were good and some where, ehh, not so cool. I wanted to take some time out to personally share with you my heart and bring some light to your ...
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    Review – Chalwell – Welcome to this Crazy World

    Chalwell’s reggae-infused Welcome To This Crazy World is a slick album with modern sensibilities, tight flows, and crisp beats. Fans of the genre will be greatly pleased with this new offering by such a talented artist. Appropriately, “Welcome To This Crazy World” opens the album, welcoming the listener to Chalwell’s mellow style of lyrical delivery. Marley-esque in his approach, Chalwell ...