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    Christian Rap Song Drops [January 1 2021] (Listen Here)

    It’s a new year but the grind doesn’t stop! A bunch of Christian rap artists dropped new tracks today and we got some of them for you here. 350 ft. A3, Not Klyde Calvin Hill Cole Tindal ft. TROSSTHEGIANT, Paul Russell DJ LostnFound ft. L. Dejuan, Jekasole Don Tino ft. 1K Phew Eshon Burgundy Nothing but the blood by eshon ...
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    Christian Rap Album Drops [December 11 2020] (Listen Here)

    Just like every week, Christian rap unloads a flurry of music on us. Here’s a list featuring some of those people! Let us know what your favorite track was. Angie Rose Buy/Stream here. J. Crum LUCY FREESTYLE. pic.twitter.com/ZiJC73RB19 — J. Crum | VAGABOND out now (@jcrummusic) December 11, 2020 K-Drama KJ-52 KNALADEUS ft. A.I. the Anomaly & Jes Norris Mitch ...
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    tylerhateslife – Falling

    Singer-Songwriter/Producer/Rapper tylerhateslife released a new single titled “Falling.” “I wrote this song as I was coming out of one of the hardest points in my life. Sometimes you intend to do good, but find yourself in the middle of hell. The people closest to you just aren’t there anymore, and you have no choice but to feel like you’re all ...
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    Tylerhateslife – Soldier, Part 1

    Tylerhateslife dropped his new single “Soldier, Part 1,” which hones in on some Ed Sheeran vibes. This is some great songwriting! Listen to Tylerhateslife Below: