• Tyler Budke

    Tyler Budke – Invest

    Tyler Budke dropped his new single “Invest,” his third single this year. “I had this thought or vision or whatever you want to call it, just about getting lost in the chains and jewelry and cars and the whole fame trap,” he said. “I felt like if I made it there, these would be things that could be easy to ...
  • Tyler Budke

    Tyler Budke – In My Head

    Tyler Budke dropped his new single “In My Head” for free download. “This song is about just being in my head and overthinking everything,” he explained. “I felt like everything I wanted to do, I was feeling a way about it and doubting myself and listening to all the lies I was hearing. I realized one day that I was ...
  • Tyler Budke

    Tyler Budke – Move On

    Rapper Tyler Budke dropped his new single “Move On.” “I wrote this one in the late summer of 2017. Right after I had gotten back from a leadership training I did with Circuit Riders, called 21 Project, in Kona, Hawaii. I was going through a breakup and was fighting feelings of doubt, fear, and failure, but knew God had so ...
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    Free Download: TIMO – Night Whip ft. Tyler Budke & MADDOX

    Denver-based artist TIMO released a pre-release free single from his upcoming mixtape, "Night Whip" featuring Tyler Budke and producer MADDOX (formerly Clairvoyant Sound).