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    Thi’sl: More Gun Laws Not the Answer

    After the jump watch Thi'sl talk about gun violence and gun restrictions in this interview with CBN News.
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    Brinson – Christian faith-based MC has Tim Tebow song on ESPN.com

    At some point we all knew it had to be coming. The infamous name drop. Either Drake, Wayne or others were going to be the first to put Tim Tebow in a verse and immortalize him more than he's already immortalized himself. But the Christian faith-based MC known as Brinson (GodChaserz Entertainment) not only beat them ...
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    Kas – I Live

    LYRICS Verse 1: I’m a walking problem, my mental is a maze/ I try focusing on life, but I just sit here with this gaze/ Think about how I’m gone be made, and how I’m gone get paid/ Bruh, I done gave my life to this, so how come I feel so betrayed/ I mean, these Chevrolet’s and this money ...
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    In the Press: Holy Hip-Hop – Hostile Gospel

    AllHipHop.com has an article about Christian Hip Hop/Rap. Holy Hip-Hop – it is not just for the deeply religious and positive thinking. Today, rappers from the mainstream are moving away from the secular and reconnecting with a Christian faith that was once just a hush-hush topic in Hip-Hop circles. With a Rap community that is filled with misogyny, drug and ...