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    Travis Dupri – Inner Light

    Travis Dupri released a music video for his single “Inner Light,” off his latest project Thank God. The video is based around the scripture “Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve.” Matthew 20:28. Travis plays a janitor cleaning up a middle school in his home town, displaying service. Watch Travis Dupri Below:
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    Travis Dupri – Grace

    West Virginia-based artist Travis Dupri released a new track titled “Grace.” “The laid back vibes track walks listeners through Travis’ opinions on world views while all along stating “he does not want to war.” We all have opinions and outlooks on life, God, etc. Grace is about having an opinion, relaxing in your own space, and giving thanks to God.” ...
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    Travis Dupri – Rooms

    West Virginia-based artist Travis Dupri released a new single titled “Rooms.” “Rooms is a lyrical expression of emotion and feeling Travis was able to view during one of life’s toughest moments.” a press release stated. “Travis’ wife, Kayla, lost both her parents mid 2018. Through Christ, she and her family were able to remain faithful and push through this tough ...
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    Travis Dupri – Grow

    Travis Dupri released new track called “Grow.” “Grow” walks listeners through a reflection of Travis’ self, and how through trials in life, the best way to deal or get through is to grow closer to our source. Travis reflects on how many nights he stayed up wondering, questioning, but ultimately seeking a closer relationship with Christ. He also drops lines that can ...
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    Travis Dupri – Rubies

    Travis Dupri released a new single for women, about self-worth. The track is called “Rubies.” “A good woman is hard to find and worth far more than rubies.” (Proverbs 31:10). “In today’s world, women feel as if they have to be an Instagram model or degrade themselves for attention,” said Dupri. “That is not what God intended women to be, but ...
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    Video: Travis Dupri – Yahweh

    Watch West Virginia artist Travis Dupri's music video for his single "Yahweh."