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    PRo “Full Court Mess” Remix Contest Winner

    After listening to 195 remixes of “Full Court Mess” by PRo ft. KB we know every word to the song, discovered some really talented beat makers / remixers / producers, and some extremely bad one’s. After much debate all the way down to the wire, and appearing on all of our staff members top 5 picks, it has been decided ...
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    New S.O.U.L. Mag: The hottest HHH magazine

    The new S.O.U.L. Mag issue is HOT off the presses featuring The Cross Movement and their walk through HIS.tory! Check out the new 100 page magazine with spotlights on artists Mahogany Jones, Flame, Iomas Marad, and leaders Larry Acosta, Kevin White, and Bert Bochachica. Plus some dope articles by Urban D., Tone Bruno, Phil Jackson, and more!