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    Throwback Thursday: Pettidee – I’m A Vet

    It's been some years since we've heard a Pettidee record but that doesn't mean Pettidee hasn't had an impact on Christian Rap. With over a ten year career, Pettidee was able to establish a place in music with numerous Stellar, Grammy nominations, & features including Thi'sl & GRITS.
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    Throwback Thursday: Knine – For You

    Our Throwback Thursday this week takes us back to 2007. In 2007, the rapper known as Knine released song “For You”, detailing Christ’s death for us. Accompanied with the video above, the song was on constant replay by many. You can buy the song on iTunes here. 7 years in Christian Hip Hop is an eternity. Do any of you ...
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    Throwback Thursday: Pro – Mission To Mars

    The year is 2011, Pro, now known as Derek Minor, was set to release his third studio album entitled ‘Dying to Live’. To get the ball rolling, Pro released his first single for the project entitled ‘Mission to Mars’. In his first single, we see Pro stepping out of any box that he may have been in before and with ...
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    Believin’ Stephen ‘The Preseason Mixtape’

    DOWNLOAD LINK Tracklist: 1. Gametime Anthem 2. Warm-Up 3. You Ever Felt? ft. Jade Perry 4. No Yards (Move On) ft. Young Joshua 5. Rowdy Anthem ft. Timothy Brindle and Calm One – scratches by DJ Average Joe 6. Athlete Anthem 7. Don’t Waste Your Sports Interlude – courtesy of CJ Mahaney and Sovereign Grace Ministries 8. Why Boast? Part ...