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    Rapzilla.com Surpasses 5 Million Plays

    Today we're celebrating that hundreds of thousands if not millions of people that are hearing Christ celebrated, worshipped, praised, and taught through Hip Hop on Rapzilla.com. On our SoundCloud we have
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    Who Da Kang? He Da Kang!

    Who Da Kang? He Da Kang!
    SaulPaul to impact thousands this summer on mission trip.

    Imagine being born into poverty…without a mother or father. Picture growing up in the ghetto, surrounded by drugs and murder. Visualize being locked in the Texas state penitentiary but then…See yourself going against all odds and ...
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    The Music Video

    You’ve heard it said that we live in a digital age, an age where technology leads the march and we follow, almost unconsciously, wondering to ourselves what the next big thing will be.
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    Bid on Official Megaphone from Trip Lee’s Video

    Reach Records is selling a megaphone from Trip Lee's music video "Real Vision" with a bunch of bonuses on eBay. This is your chance to own a piece of Christian Hip Hop history.  All proceeds from this auction go to benefit ReachLife MInistries.