• Christian Rap

    12 Christian Rap Albums That Turn 10 This Year

    10 Years ago we lost Pop Icon Michael Jackson, swore in the 44th President of the United States Barack Obama, and witnessed the Steelers beat the Cardinals in Super Bowl XLIII. In the Christian Rap world, we saw a budding market begin to explode with talented artists and albums that made waves. CHH was hitting a different level of acceptance than it ...
  • Thi'sl

    Thi’sl – Lament

    Thi’sl dropped a new track late last night called “Lament.” “Lament | ləˈment |  . a song, piece of music, or poem expressing sorrow” Listen to Thi’sl below:
  • downloads

    Top Free Downloads of 2018 on Rapzilla.com

    As we continue to compile our end of the year “MOST read, listened, watched, and downloaded” lists, we arrive at the free downloads. These are the tracks that brought a flood of traffic to the site and you guys bumped heavy. 1. Rockstar Jt – Streets Signed Me 2. Young Noah – C’est La Vie  3. Nerva – Greater is ...
  • News

    Top 10 Most Read News Articles Of 2018 on Rapzilla.com

    Rapzilla is taking a look back at our top most read articles of 2018, and for this installment, we are focusing on news articles. 1. Eminem Disses NF on ‘Kamikaze’ Track “The Ringer” Summary: Eminem dropped a surprise album at midnight called Kamikaze and the emcee returned to form by dissing everyone in site. This includes NF. So, Eminem disses NF on “The Ringer?” ...
  • Derek Minor

    Derek Minor Breaks Down Songs From ‘The Trap’ (Part 1)

    Last week Rapzilla introduced you to a concept where you can both read the article and listen to the interview in podcast form. The story was an introduction to Derek Minor and his album The Trap. Today’s story dives into the actual album song by song as we cover the first seven tracks. Minor lets us all into his meticulous thought process ...
  • Thi'sl

    Thi’sl Reveals New Album is Coming

    As Thi’sl is still recovering from a gunshot wound, he took the time to update his followers with big news – he’s dropping an album. The project will be called Small Thing to a Giant. Throughout the various posts, he said he considered “quitting music,” and that the “shot woke me up.” Read the Thi’sl Thread below: Before I got shot I was on ...
  • Datin

    Datin on Rapzilla.com LIVE with Chris Chicago – Ep. 116

    Datin is our featured guest on this episode of Rapzilla.com LIVE with Chris Chicago – our 2 hour syndicated radio show and podcast. He tells us all about his revealing project Hell in the Hallway. Subscribe or stream here. Thi’sl – It’s All Good Beacon Light – Wild Lecrae – Identity ft. Da Truth & J.R. Andy Mineo – None of My Business ...
  • Thi'sl

    Thi’sl Speaks About Shooting for 1st Time; GoFundMe Page is Live

    Yesterday we reported that Thi’sl had been the victim of a shooting and attempted robbery. More details from the crime have emerged as the rapper himself posted to his Facebook page. Initial information from sources were not 100% accurate. Thi’sl was only shot once. His post is directly below this in italics: “I want to start off by saying, “Thank you ...
  • Thi'sl

    Thi’sl Shot After Attempted Robbery; Expecting Full Recovery

    One Christian hip-hop’s most influential artists, Thi’sl, was robbed at gunpoint and then shot, according to multiple sources. The incident occurred at some point yesterday, and it is expected he’ll make a full recovery. One of the bullets broke his leg, and he needed surgery to place a rod and bolts in his leg.   View this post on Instagram ...
  • Derek Minor

    Derek Minor’s ‘The Trap’ Reaches iTunes Top 10

    Derek Minor released the third installment of the up and away series with The Trap. Instead of it being an EP like the last two, Your Soul Must Fly and High Above, this is a 15-track album. This long-anticipated project reached No. 7 on the iTunes Albums charts. Derek Minor Tracklist: 1. The Trap ft. The Wright Way 2. God Bless the Trap ft. Tony ...