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    STRT TRBL label launches signing SPZRKT & L9

    Far from being in its infancy stages, Christian Hip Hop is now filled with labels and collectives of talented Gospel-centered artists. The kaleidoscope of the culture has broadly expanded from its original tiny following to a variety of lanes and styles. Co-founders Mickey Holm and Mike Luna are aiming to introduce fresh ideas, sounds and artists ...
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    Prayer & Support for Tedashii

    This month Tedashii's family suffered a terrible tragedy. His one year old boy passed away. Please join us as we encourage and bless our brother Tedashii and his family at this time.
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    Martymar. ‘When Darkness Falls (Deluxe Package)’

    “Life changes quickly. One moment everything is great, another everything is terrible. Still in the middle God is always present in our lives. When darkness falls is the story of my life for the past 2 months. It’s real. It’s Honest. It’s me.” Tracklist: 1. When Darkness Falls (Intro) 2. Don’t Act Stupid x Bumps INF x F.E.R.N 3. Brooklyn ...