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    Cole Brown – Only God Can Judge Me

    Cole Brown provides a brief overview of the first chapter of his book Lies Hip Hop Told Me, releasing July 2, 2012. You can pre-order the eBook on our store now! In Lies Hip Hop Told Me Cole Brown examines 14 slogans from the music he loves, in light of the teachings of the God he loves. Interacting with rap ...
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    Teddy P. to drop Word & Deed next Tuesday

    Teddy P. will release his album entitled "Word & Deed" on July 28th. Featuring guest appearances by Eddie Nigma, Rhema Soul, Nina Del, Wonder Brown, Braille, Young Joshua, Phien-x Zekarayah, EKO, Ackdavis, J Griff, Believin Stephen, Average Joe and B Morr. The album will be available through download (only $1) and physical CD (only $7) through 317media.com. Watch ...
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    muzeONE new EP “The Backburner”

    muzeONE (of Redeemed Thought) will be dropping his new EP entitled "The Backburner" September 9th 2008 exclusively at holyculturedownload.com and later on with iTunes in October. It's his 2nd Solo EP with 5 songs, 3 of the tracks are from his upcoming full-length album "The Cold War" (releasing early 2009) and 2 previously unreleased tracks.

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    ReadyWriter CD delay


    ReadyWriter's debut album entitled "Conduit" has been pushed back to a February 2008 release date. Artist featured Eric Cross, Excelsius, Jovan Mackenzy, Brinson, Boston-Emcee DISCIPLE, H.E.A.V.Y., Young Fitz, and St Joe the Servant. With
    production from Brinson, St Joe, Witness, Lesus, and Teddy P.