• Christian rap

    Top Underrated Christian Rap Songs of the Week – 9/20/19

    New content is released every week, and it’s sometimes easy for it to get lost in the shuffle. For that reason, we’d like to offer up this weekly rewind. These are some of our favorite releases to make their way to us for review — the Top Underrated Christian Rap Songs of the Week. Kyle Ringer – Consistency This song ...
  • Tay Collier

    Tay Collier – New Song (Free Download)

    Tay Collier released the single “New Song” for free download. “New song” is simply a song that was written as a proclamation to say that instead of allowing the many troubles and struggles of life to destroy you, choose life. “We have a choice in the matter Jesus gives us the freedom to choose life in Him, so let’s choose ...
  • Tay Collier

    Tay Collier – GLOW [Free Download]

    Tay Collier dropped his new single, “GLOW,” featuring Cortney Lachelle’ and Ray June. It is produced by Solomon Headen. “GLOW” is a single about depending on the Lord for hope and knowing that true joy comes from the Lord, so why not get to know him for yourself? Listen to Tay Collier Below: 
  • Tay Collier

    Tay Collier – New Era ft. Torey D’Shaun

    Tay Collier released his track “New Era” featuring Rapzilla Freshmen Torey D’Shaun. “‘New Era’ is a single that was written from a place where my mind was kind of all over the place, but at the core of my focus was the fact that God is the one who establishes us and establishment on anything else will crumble.” Listen to ...
  • Tay Collier

    Tay Collier – Myra

    Rapper Tay Collier dropped his single “Myra” for free download. “Growing up I used to watch a show called ‘Family Matters’ and on the show, the main character had a girlfriend named Myra. For some reason, he would always chase after another girl who wasn’t for him like Myra was,” Collier said. “I was so inspired by it that I ...
  • Tay Collier

    Tay Collier – PS ILY ft. Torey D’Shaun and loveaintdoneyet

    Tay Collier released his final single of 2019, “PS ILY” (P.S. I Love You). It features Torey D’Shaun and loveaintdoneyet. “It is a song for those who are in a place where they desire to love more and want to express it,” Collier wrote. “This song is so much more than just another single to me, but a heart cry leading ...
  • Tay Collier

    Tay Collier – SZNII ft. Sara Byrd

    St. Louis rapper Tay Collier released a new single, “SZNII” featuring Sara Byrd. ‘“SZNII” is a song for those who struggle with self-worth and value to understand that you don’t have to settle due to fear of being alone.” Listen to Tay Collier below: Buy the single here.
  • Tay Collier

    Tay Collier – Friday

    Tay Collier just released his song “Friday” for free download on Rapzilla.com. “‘Friday’ is a song for the person who feels overwhelmed by life and seeks freedom from the feeling of being crushed by lives highs and lows. The single is produced by loveaintdoneyet and Young Stearns,” he said. Listen to Tay Collier Below: 
  • Tay Collier

    Tay Collier – Tuesday ft. loveaintdoneyet

    Tay Collier’s “Tuesday” is a single for the individual who is in a place of discontentment. It is to the ones who are seeking satisfaction in things that they ultimately know won’t bring it. This single is from his latest project Sunday Morning. “I really wanted to release it as a single because it’s a sweet reminder that there is ...
  • Dru Bex on Rapzilla.com LIVE with Chris Chicago

    Dru Bex on Rapzilla.com LIVE with Chris Chicago – Ep. 101

    This week Toronto and Role Model Records artist Dru Bex is our guest on Rapzilla.com LIVE with Chris Chicago. Subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Google Play or Spotify.  Episode 101 Tracklist ft. Dru Bex Interview Andy Mineo – I Ain’t Done Ty Brasel – The Game Joey Vantes – Loose Change Remix ft. KB WHATUPRG – Glow nobigdyl. – ...