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    Success in Christian Hip Hop is like Small-town Prom King

    I recently posted the title of this article as a status update on Facebook hoping to provoke a thoughtful discussion within Christian hip hop. My heart behind it was not to spread negativity. What I got, however, was exactly that—ending in an unhealthy moment for the provoker and the provoked.

    The truth ...
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    Video Interview: Interview with Tim Trudeau of Syntax Creative

    In a rare interview with Syntax Creative (Syntax Distribution, Syntax Records, Stratify Music) founder Tim Trudeau, he and Steve Patton have on odd, witty yet profound conversation about the history of Christian Hip Hop. They also discuss the evolution of the “rapper that’s a Christian” tag from a unique and personal perspective.
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    It’s Time For You To Stop Rapping

    It's time for you to stop rapping.

    Let that settle in for a second.

    For some of you reading this article that was the most liberating thing you've heard in weeks. But it's time. There are a myriad of reasons that explain why it's time for you to stop rapping but right ...
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    Role Model Records Sets a New Standard with Syntax

    The Canadian Hip Hop Label Spreads its Influence with a New Digital Distributor

    Role Model Records shares its message of hope and redemption internationally as it partners with Syntax Distribution. Role Model Records CEO Sola Ogunbitan says, "We are so excited to be working with Syntax. It's like a dream come true to ...
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    Interview with Fat Beats Founder Joseph Abajian

    Fat Beats is a hip hop institution. For those who don’t know that, first go punch yourself in the face, then come back to read this interview. I initially met Joseph Abajian through our mutual partnership at the time, Koch Entertainment (now known as E1). Fat Beats had a distribution deal as a record label with ...
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    Indie Rapper, Man of War, Launches War Records

    After a brief hiatus from the hip-hop spotlight, Man of War returns with his own label, War Records. He spent the last few years touring, recording and finding new talent that's ready to impact urban listenership.

    "They are humble, God-fearing artists," Man of War says. "It's unrestricted Christian music with a rugged line. ...
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    Free EP Download Inspired by the FX series Justified

    The creative minds at Syntax Records have come together in full force to create a five song EP entitled “Syntax Records is Justified” inspired by the FX show Justified. With the premiere of the show’s second season premiering tonight at 10 p.m., Syntax is offering the EP as a free download. “The two main ingredients of Justified are country-living and ...
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    Curating Hip Hop Promoting Christ

    Hip Hop with a specific focus on promoting Christ likely started not too long after Hip Hop did, however the first commercially released album in this fashion was Stephen Wiley's 1985 album 'Bible Break.' Now, 25 years later there is a viable niche carved out in the music industry. The niche has been called by several ...
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    Listening Session: Night Owls 5 ‘Bird Flu’

    While compilations often leave a sour taste in the collective retail mouths, Night Owls continues to gain momentum as a trusted brand and to introduce talented, handpicked artists through exclusive songs, unavailable on any other release. Night Owls 5 features, both, established and up and coming artists. Sometimes on the same song. The project is mixed and mastered entirely at ...
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    Review – Night Owls 5 ‘Bird Flu’

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    Since the beginning of recorded music, there has been one constant: record labels. For the most part, they come and go, especially on the independent scene. Labels like Sun Records, Sub-Pop and Metal Blade have all shaped different genres in ...