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    737 Reverts Name To Roy Tosh

    After a recent Saints Tour in Tampa, Florida, Jeff McIntosh, an artist formerly known as 737, sat down with Benjah and Andy Mineo for a conversation that would end in the final name change of his hip-hop artist career. Benjah, who Jeff McIntosh had recently connected with by joining his artist development group, had recommended ...
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    Lecrae – I Know Remix Competition: 10 left standing

    We launched the remix competition for "I Know" by Lecrae at the beginning of the year and the response was a staggering 600 submissions! We know from the countless emails and tweets that you guys are anxious to know who won. Obviously it took quite a while to sift through that many submissions, compare notes, and ...
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    Tony Stone working on Album for your Bible Study Life + Leak

    Tony Stone is working on his upcoming 2009 project entitled “Study Snippets”. The album is a side project that Tony Stone is working on that will include instrumentals and songs that will have sound bites and vibes that you can relax to and be the soundtrack to your Bible study life. Here’s a leak of “Something Better” which is the ...
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    A word to Producers


    I was browsing through some blogs and I was reminded of a question that I get from alot of aspiring producers, and that is:

    "Tony, how do I get my name out there?"

    I do realize that there are producers that look up to me, and I take that with great honor and thanks ...