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    Countdown To Applejaxx’ Back to the Future

    Fadacy Music recording artist: Applejaxx is set to release his debut project Back To The Future on 9.9.09. Since arriving on the scene in 2003, Applejaxx has been in the underground circuit serving as a youth pastor and rapping through various media outlets. After a long wait the debut project is set to be released via ...
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    Applejaxx locked inside the Databass


    Fadacy artist Applejaxx is set to release the Databass mixtape on July 15, 2008. In this Databass episode Applejaxx is locked in to implant the message of Christ into the system.  This release features Jekob of the Washington Projects, Gibraan, and more, as well as production from Tonex, Nelly B, and Battle Axe.  ...

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    Applejaxx on Shade 45


    Nureau Ink artist Applejaxx received a call from satellite Radio SHADE 45 (owned by Eminem) to be featured on the Independent Spotlight "Don't quit your day job" segment. The segment  features songs from indie rappers and listeners call in and give their opinions on the song.