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    Grading on a Curve

    My favorite teacher ever was my high school chemistry teacher Mr. Cuba. He wasn't a young, hip, cool teacher. In fact it was quite the opposite. Older, slim-ish build, and an uber nerd. Every year on Halloween he wore a full out Star Trek uniform to class. I mean the whole one piece, snug fitting uniform. He ...
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    Legalism In Christian Hip Hop

    “You are a legalist.” GASP! That’s a dreaded title no one in all of Christendom wants to be branded with. Its the modern evangelical equivalent to the Pharisees and if you’re familiar with biblical references then you’ll know that they aren’t spoken of very highly in scripture. They were actually the people Jesus had His most ...
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    In the Press: Fight the power of guns, say rappers

    Greenjade, Christian Hip Hop group in South London (UK), has an article posted in the Evening Standard of London. Click here to read the article.