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    Red Society Release ‘Red Society’ EP

    The entire ministry, group, and project “Red Society” is based off of a single concept- to witness to a generation that is covered, purified, and washed by the blood of Christ. The group emerged after the three members ministered together, and worked with various broken families and teens for months in the city of Gainesville, Georgia. ...
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    Making of Lecrae’s Confe$$ions music video

    In November 2012 Kyle Dettman, Aaron Tovi, and I sat down to brain storm ideas for Confessions, a track by Grammy winning artist Lecare. We spent the next 2-3 months planning the largest shoot that the Reach Records has done to date.
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    Rapzilla.com’s Best of 2011 Award Winners

    The Rapzilla staff spent many hours arguing over the nominations for Christian Hip Hop's Best of 2011, and opened it up for you, the reader, to voice your choice on who you thought should win in each category. So we have tallied the votes and have posted the winners selected by
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    In the Press: Pastor, Christian rapper reach culture

    As teaching pastor of Epiphany Fellowship Church in inner-city Philadelphia, William "Duce" Branch also is a Christian rap artist. The group he co-founded, The Cross Movement, has received two Grammy nominations. Today’s teaching pastor, however, was yesterday’s street kid. Having spent most of his teen years away from God, Branch abandoned the evils of Hip-hop culture but not the call ...
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    Pigeon on a Mission


    One of post-modern Christianity’s buzzwords is being “missional.” The definition stressed is that the enthusiasm, excitement, and energy commonly generated for overseas evangelism is also exhibited in daily living in your own community.