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    R-Swift Changes Name and Signs to Xist Music

    Hip hip mainstay R-Swift changes his name to Swift as part of a new era in his career and a fresh start. Also as part of the fresh start Swift signs with Xist Music. Xist Music is home to Jahaziel, Sean Simmonds and Gemstones. "Glad to have Swift on board" says T. Black. ...
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    Transparent Joins NOTW Roster

    Not Of This World clothing announces an official sponsorship, Transparent, who will be added to the NOTW line up of already well known Christian Artists (Braille, Kaboose, and Manafest to name a few).
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    Frontlynaz Free Music

    The second release from the Frontlynaz Thunderground 3 Mixtape is here. Stimulus Package #2 has the crew attacking some of the biggest mainstream hits from 2010, as well as a bonus track straight from the archives. The first drop from this mixtape racked up over 5000 downloads. The crew is hoping that this drop will be just as memorable and ...