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    When theBREAX Sold Out… April 1st


    In an era where music sales are at an all time low and internet piracy runs rampant, many artists feel the pressure to create a hit ringtone or secure a corporate endorsement to be perceived as commercially successful. So due to inflation, staggering record sales, the economy, global warming, rising gas prices, the war in Iraq, and the current election ...

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    Eek! FLAME debuts at #42!

    FLAME has recently released his new album "Our World Redeemed" on March 4th 2008.I was eager to see the new Soundscan sales chart to see how well the album sold, which I knew would do a good debut.  The sales chart for Christian Hip Hop for the week ending March 9th was released Wednesday (yes, it takes time for Soundscan ...
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    Pigeon John Featuring Pigeon John 2!


    Pigeon John's new compilation "Pigeon John featuring Pigeon John 2" is coming out this month. It has 16 rare and some unreleased songs that Pigeon has done with his friends ranging for Brainwash Projects demos from 1996 to "Side To Side" with Blackalicious to up now listen to on his myspace page.

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    Christian music sales rise in 2006


    The Gospel Music Association (GMA) and Nielsen Christian SoundScan have announced 2006 year-end sales data for the 52-week period ending December 31, 2006. This isn't just about the Christian Hip Hop sales but it's still important because it's about the Christian market in music sales.