• Now in Stores

    Now in Stores 12/14/18: Jon Keith, Vic Sage, & More

    Now in Stores – Today a bunch of projects released. Jon Keith’s HoneyBlonde, Joe Ayinde’s Euphoria, Vic Sage’s Too Late for That, Sinxtax.the.Terrific’s The Last Unicorn (Rerelease), and Bachi’s Happy Go Lucky. So here’s a one-stop spot to check them out! Now in Stores: Listen to Jon Keith Below: Purchase or stream here. Listen to Vic Sage Below:  Purchase or stream here. Listen to Joe Ayinde Below: Buy here. Listen ...
  • Nomis

    Nomis Releases ‘Rhodes to Rome’ album

    There’s an old idiom that states, “all roads lead to Rome.” Nomis took this idiom, applied it to his life, and channeled his experiences into his new album Rhodes to Rome. Rhodes to Rome track list 1. A Million and One 2. Agape 3. Act of Love 4. Theory of Self (feat. Joe Ayinde) 5. Siren Song 6. Foreshadow 7. Evolve (feat. Ralph ...