• Shiwan

    Shiwan – See My Blessings

    Blessings are all over the place if looking. For Shiwan he sees a blessing in one particular female. Shiwan describes the situation in his single, “See My Blessings.” Listen to Shiwan Below:  Stream “See My Blessings” here.
  • Davis Absolute and Gerry Skrillz

    Davis Absolute x Gerry Skrillz – Never Leavin’ ft. Shiwan

    Davis Absolute x Gerry Skrillz “Never Leavin'” is part two of a collaboration between the two San Diego emcees. The first being “UDKTF.” This time, they brought along Shiwan for the ride as well. Listen to Davis Absolute x Gerry Skrillz Below:
  • King Silxs

    King Silxs – I’m Feeling The Vibe ft. Shiwan & Will Kellum

    Ohio-based rapper King Silxs released this single last year, “I’m Feeling The Vibe” ft. Shiwan & Will Kellum. Buy the single here.
  • Zabbai

    Zabbai – Lone Wolf ft. Shiwan

    Rapper Zabbai featured Shiwan on his new single, “Lone Wolf.” Listen to Zabbai below: Buy the single here.
  • Shiwan

    Shiwan & Cru Alxndr – More Than A Fortune

    Shiwan and Cru Alxndr team up on a new single, “More Than A Fortune.” “The Song is about two artists who believes in God to be greater than fortune. Fortune and Fame are the two things that people always want but this is not what we need. God has everything we need life.” Buy the single here.
  • Shiwan


    Rapper Shiwan dropped his new track “SERAPH.” Thewavegod produced the track. “The song is about being in your highest level with God. The word Seraph means angels in their highest order. They were angels who were next to God’s Throne. With God, we can be at a higher level in life than being alone,” said the emcee. Listen to Shiwan ...
  • Ian Kenville

    Ian Kenville x Shiwan x Colson – FLEX

    Ian Kenville recently released a collab single with Colson Kelly and Shiwan that came together at 4 AM while on tour. “To me – ‘Flex’ is all about the grind and staying true to who I am as an artist and person. I don’t feel the need to brag on my accomplishments for validation, because that isn’t why I do ...
  • Shiwan and Ty Young

    Shiwan and Ty Young – What You Need

    Shiwan and Ty Young dropped their joint single “What You Need.” The song is from a collab album called When Brothers Talk, which drops tomorrow. “The song is about us brothers having confidence in what we do. Never losing your self-esteem and keeping your head high because God is your Creator.” Listen to Shiwan and Ty Young Below:  Stream here.
  • Shiwan

    Shiwan – Start Talking

    Shiwan addressed some things in his music video for “Start Talking.” The track is about speaking up without fear. Christians should not let the problems of this world stop them from talking in faith. God gives the power for Christians to be at their best potential; so speak up and start talking. Watch Shiwan Below: Listen on Soundcloud here.
  • Shiwan

    Shiwan – Left

    Rapper Shiwan dropped his latest single “Left.” Timothy Hill produced the track. The song is about going opposite from what society wants from us and being unique in the image that God has given us. Listen to Shiwan Below:  Purchase the song here.