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    Interview – Braille – The IV Edition

    My name is Bryan "Braille" Winchester.  I was born in Portland, OR and have also lived in New Jersey and Los Angeles.  I've been rapping since before I had facial hair, and now I can grow a mustache of Tom Selleck proportions.  I've been blessed with the opportunity to travel around the world sharing music and ...

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    In the Press: George Moss has first solo CD

    Music has provided the means for George Moss to communicate on a number of fronts. And with last week’s release of his first solo CD, the Grand Rapids native has yet another outlet to display his passion for expressions of faith. “It wasn’t so much the music itself, why I got into it,” Moss, 25, said from his Kentwood home. ...
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    Free mixtape from Braille

    Braille has just released a FREE download mix called “Box of History”. DJ Idull mixes and blends over 21 songs from the last 8 years of Braille's career. Most of these songs are from feature appearances and a few are very rare.
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    Fighting Deception Circuit


    APX, a Los Angeles Christian hip hop artist, is concerned about the state of mind in which the local youth are living with.  APX says “our youth is disenfranchised and disengaged to success because of the widespread deception that is taking place in all facets of our media driven culture.